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  • New Single Out now !!!

    "Pay ME" Featuring Hustle

    Available on iTunes, Spotify , Amazon, Tidal and many more.

    Get it Here - https://slyce.hearnow.com/pay-me

    Single Out Now!!!

    Now available on iTunes, Spotify , Amazon and many more.

    Listen Here ! - https://slycemusic.hearnow.com/



    As an artist I want to use my life experiences to connect with the world through song. #Soulful #Artistic #Relate-ability

  • SLYC3 aka Rahmad Hawkins


    Rahmad Jemiah Hawkins—was born November 13, 1990, in Buffalo, New York, to a talented musical family. His father is Process from Process and the Doo Rags, who was recently inducted into the Buffalo Hall of Fame. Throughout his childhood, he was surrounded by some of the great musicians of their day. As a result, Rahmad grew up listening to the soulful R&B harmony that certainly influences his writing style today.

    Slyce started writing when he was in high school as a way to get through some hard times. Those rhymes turned into music when his brother helped him buy a Lexicon Breakout Box and Cool Edit Pro. From then on, Rahmad could be found in his bedroom closet recording music at all hours.

    Today he is making music his career. Influenced by his family and some of the greats like Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z, Naughty by Nature, Kris Kross, Ice Cube and others, he has recorded over one hundred songs. His sound is soulful raw and fresh hip hop.

    He now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia and is touring around the southeast. Rahmad released the first single on his new album produced by Grammy Award-winner DJ Pain 1 called The Sorrow. Look for it on iTunes, Amazon music, Google Music and all of the streaming sites. For further information or booking, contact slycemusic10k@gmail.com


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  • Thisis50 **NEW SINGLE** By Slyce - "Pay Me" (Featuring Hustle)

    One of Atlanta Georgia's most prominent up and coming artists and songwriter Slyce has really been doing this thing. Today he is presenting to you and announcing his new single release entitled "Pay Me" featuring the artist Hustle. Slyce is not only a songwriter and artist but he's the CEO of his own music company as well Slyce Music releasing music with Grammy Award Winning Producer's. The track "Pay Me" is the second single off his debut album which is yet to have a release date. "Pay Me" is a high energy party type song really showing what Slyce represents in the game of hip hop and what he embodies as an artist and creator of music. Get more familiar with the ATL Georgia rapper and songwriter Slyce if you ain't already and check out more of his music below along with following him on his social media links located underneath that for up to date music news and info on the artist, Slyce. Thank you and enjoy fam.


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