SLYC3 aka Rahmad Hawkins

As an artist I want to use my life experiences to connect with the world through song. #Soulful #Artistic #Relate-ability

Rahmad Hawkins, or better known musically as Slyce, is an emerging artist, actor, singer, rapper, and songwriter. From a very young age, Hawkins fell in love with music and has since developed his style to what it is today. Now based in Atlanta, Georgia, the hip-hop artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style. Inspired by his life experiences, Slyce seeks to create music that will heal, inspire, and uplift people around the world. The talented musician aims to push the envelope with his sound and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic style that parallels his raw emotions.

Finalist of the 2017 Ignite Urban’s Nationwide Contest, Slyce will have listeners engulfed into the world he creates with his no-frills approach and realness. A jack of all trades, Slyce is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.


Music is my heritage; I was born with it but not with the golden spoon. Therefore, my musical journey was thrilling, making my life-journey more beautiful. My childhood diaries are teeming with my poems of life’s struggles, as I use to compose my songs over steel-utensils when I was a child. I never lost hope rather built my own aims; materially as high as mountains but spiritually as deep as oceans. Though I always had a plethora of responsibilities even in the so called “care-free” age, yet I never killed my passion while supporting my family; both financially and emotionally. I worked relentlessly in multiple directions, all at once; to make ends meet, to water my musical skills, and to achieve my ambitions. I participated in numerous prestigious music contests and my capabilities were showcased online, in newspapers and on TV. The fame is not my aim, it’s far beyond that. I want to connect with my audience on a spiritual level. I want them to know that though struggles and pains are common human assets, the pursuit of happiness is our fundamental right.

My loved ones sometimes think that I am over-sensitive, however, I see it as my strength. The sensitivity of my nature allowed me to absorb micro-vibes from ambiance and apprehend even the minor mood swings of people in my circle. I pour these deep observations on blank pieces of paper in a rhyming way and then give them my voice to soothe people’s soul and make them “feel” the lyrics. That is the reason I titled my first album as “DHARMA” because it is the notion of finding happiness from within. It is also an anagram of my real name “Rahmad”. Thus, I drive my own musical process and invest my time and energy on each minor part of song-making; from writing a song, to composing, recording and even distributing it.

People sometimes think that hip-hop is just about being cool and jazzy but to me it is a deep ideology. It is my way of life; every day, I wear it, drink it and walk it. I was raised in Buffalo NY, which has a Music culture in its air, and which nurtured many great recording artists-including my father and brother. Therefore, it is my obligation to represent the glittering cultural fabric of hip-hop and soul music and to give my audience the actual impression of passionate music. Although, the underlying melancholic elements of this dazzling culture are often over-shadowed by dandling drumbeats, yet I address the most sensitive topics in my songs. Because my songs are the reflection of my life experiences and my life has had a mesmerizing combination of high tunes and low notes. Thus, I try to replicate this enchanting rhythm revealing my entire life’s struggles in a rhythmic way, so that, my audience can feel my hidden expressions.

I know that on human level, we all have similar dilemmas and challenges. Therefore, I want to dilute the bombardment of heart-wrenching emotions through my music. It has the elements of hope and that is why, my first song; “The Sorrow” highlights the significance of keeping your “inner-self” alive and your relationships flourishing. It depicts how to sustain the charm of life even in the heat of sorrowful moments. Music has power to shape mindsets and I want to utilize it to wipe-off tears from your life. I have seen hard time, heart-breaks and empty pockets but I never developed the bleak black image of this world

No matter how hard our financial condition turned, I always got motivation from music. Non-conformity and innovation are the building bones of hip-hop structure and so are the glaring constituents of my life. I married at a very young age and always wanted to give my family a world class living standard. I never let down my expectations, I always raised the bar for my own self and music has helped me to maintain that swag.Thus, music has become my magic strength which I exercise to display my emotions. Even after going through troublesome times in my personal life, I am still focusing on the positive aspects, and that is, exactly, what I am transmitting through my songs to the whole world.

Through my experience, I know the trade-off between fulfilling responsibilities and fueling passion. I can connect with the common human’s paradoxes; pressure of heavy bills but the abhorrence for desk jobs. I also know how it feels to stand alone on barren streets in chilly nights with chattering teeth due to temperature below freezing point. I can totally relate to “hunger” both physical and spiritual. Therefore, I want to work, not only to build my own empire, but actually to connect with all those who needs sheer support. I know how it feels when people devalue your skills, I know how bad it is to feel disparaged. Therefore, I will never stop making soulful songs for the people.

Never let your spark die, never let your fears flourish!


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